Electroplating & Surface Treatment

Electroplating & Surface Treatment

Our state of the art facility, located in the south-West of France, is equipped with the latest industrial and quality standards and operated by highly trained staff for your electroplating and surface treatment needs.

Electroplating is generally done for two quite different reasons: decoration and protection.  SERCO uses electricity to coat our steel products, creating a greater resistance to corrosion and other elemental wear and tear.

We are capable of applying the following processes:

Manganese Phosphating:

  • Decreasing resistance to fiction
  • Gripping improvement of lubricating films

Zinc Phosphating:

  • Corrosion resistance improvement
  • Excellent grip basis for finishing coats


  • Chemical cleaning of pieces
  • Temporary protection against corrosion

Copper Plating:

  • Can be applied to all types of alloy steel used in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Good protection against galling

Other Services:

We are able to offer our machines for a wide variety of uses outside the Oil & Gas industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to service you.


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At SERCO, we have the trained machinists and engineers who can help converting our clients’ project specific requirements into precise functional products.

No matter how small or big the requirements are, SERCO is capable to provide a solution for niche end products that our clients may need from time to time, using the latest technology with scalable, multi-stage, in-house production capabilities.