SERCO Premium GT

SERCO Premium GT Connection

Our Premium Alternative

For a gas tight connection, SERCO is pleased to offer the SERCO
Premium GT Connection. The Premium GT is a premium threaded and coupled connection used for tubing and casing applications. Its premium design, including metal-to-metal sealing surfaces and specific thread form, provides tightness under severe well conditions, high tension, compression and dogleg resistances.

This premium connection has been rated at a CAL IV level.

Main Properties & Features:

+ Excellent gas-sealing performance
+ Higher tensile and compressive strength
+ More effective at reducing turbulence
+ Better anti-galling performance
+ Speed of make-up
+ Optimized metal-to-metal seal, with stable cone sealing structure to prevent from any galling and leak issues
+ Reverse angle torque shoulder, providing accurate power tight make-up, energizing the metal-to-metal seal contact
+ Improved hook thread profile, with 100% PBYS rating in tension and compression
+ Optimized pitch for easy make-up
+ Internal Flush profile for high velocity gas-flows
+ Designed for high performance and versatility, ISO 13679 CAL IV tested and field proven
+ With options: special bevel, special clearance, special drift, matched strength

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