Geothermal technology uses the heat of the Earth to provide renewable energy that is reliable, sustainable and affordable.

Geothermal energy is an innovative and clean alternative to oil and gas.  Geothermal pipe helps withstand changing environmental pressure and wear and tear. 

SERCO uses our existing OCTG expertise to supply pipe and connections to help you work with the challenges of high temperatures, compression resistance and complex corrosive environments.  

Maintaining our signature quality standards, SERCO provides straight lengths, pipe coils, U-bend coils and on metal reels for larger projects. These pipes have been manufactured to withstand the outdoor climates and geothermal environments, meeting all industry standards.  

We have successfully supplied several major geothermal projects, including ES Géothermie, STORENGY, DALKIA (EDF group), Geothermie de lier (Netherlands).