Couplings for Casing & Tubing

SERCO is a Licensee of the American Petroleum Institute for manufacture of couplings for casing and tubing per API Spec 5CT.

Coupling stock is supplied according to the Company’s requirements to cover the entire range of sizes and grades.
All materials, irrespectively of their origin, have to pass incoming inspection before they are taken into the Company’s inventory.

Coupling stock is cut into coupling blanks at two sawing lines, both of the same capacity in terms of the sizes and cycle time.

Coupling blanks are passed onto the automated coupling cells. There are two CNC coupling cells operated by SERCO, one is dedicated to small and mid-size range of couplings, and the other one – from mid-size to 20” (545 mm) OD.

Roughing of the external surface and machining of the internal (threaded) surface of couplings is done in the coupling cells.

After that, couplings are visually inspected and passed further onto the wet magnetic particle inspection (MPI) units.

After wet MPI, couplings are put into baskets and sent for surface treatment (Zn-, Mn-phosphating or copper plating).

SERCO is running a fully automated and highly sofisticated surface treatment plant, which is one of the best in class in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.

Having left the surface treatment plant, dry couplings are loaded into the painting line with the help of a robotic manipulator. External surface of all couplings is painted with UV-lacquer for grade identification, and marking by stencilling is applied.

Finished couplings are stored in-house before they are called off to the pipe threading line or dispatched to the customers.

For more information download our Couplings & Accessories Brochure from the “Downloads” link above.

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