Premium Connections

Premium Connections

SERCO has manufactured API casing and tubing since 2000 and continues to be at the forefront of pipe processing today.

Since we first received our API 5CT License, we have been constantly working on extending the scope, by adding up production capacity and becoming a threader and manufacturer of couplings, accessories and pup joints by 2011.

Our API 7-1 license covers the manufacture of drill stem9 subs and threading for rotary shouldered connections.

We have two proprietary connections that we manufacture for our customers, the SERCO DHT/HTC Semi-Premium Connection and the SERCO Premium GT connection.

The SERCO Dynamic High Torque DHT / HTC Semi-Premium Connection is a robust casing connection available in sizes up to 20″ in all grades and weights according to API Spec 5CT. It has been designed to cover a range of well construction applications including drilling with casing, casing for heavy oil recovery, liners and casing for geothermal wells.  The main advantages of the DHT / HTC connection are better clearance, competitive torque ability, no space ring to add during casing running and one clear make-up and break out procedure. 

The SERCO Premium GT Connection is a gas tight threaded and coupled connection used for tubing and casing applications. Its premium design, including metal-to-metal sealing surfaces and specific thread-form, provides tightness under severe well conditions, high tension, compression and dogleg resistances.

Other Premium Connections, SERCO is also licensed to manufacture many of the other standard premium connections on the market, please ask us for anything you may require.

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At SERCO, we have the trained machinists and engineers who can help converting our clients’ project specific requirements into precise functional products.

No matter how small or big the requirements are, SERCO is capable to provide a solution for niche end products that our clients may need from time to time, using the latest technology with scalable, multi-stage, in-house production capabilities.