Piling Pipe

Piling Pipe

SERCO manufactures the piling pies for deep foundations that are required to ensure structural loads are supported in shallow soils.

Piling pipe can be driven either open-ended or closed-ended, with points or plates.  SERCO’s piling pipe ranges in size from several inches to several feet in diameter and can be easily spliced to create piles hundreds of feet in length.

Piling pipe needs will vary depending on the ground conditions and support expectations and SERCO’s manufacturing process enables the pile systems to be adapted to any specific needs. Our different options allow our customers to get the most effective materials for any pipe piles required.

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At SERCO, we have the trained machinists and engineers who can help converting our clients’ project specific requirements into precise functional products.

No matter how small or big the requirements are, SERCO is capable to provide a solution for niche end products that our clients may need from time to time, using the latest technology with scalable, multi-stage, in-house production capabilities.