Surface Treatment

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A brand new and state of the art facility located in the south-West of France, equipped with the latest industrial and quality standards, operated by highly trained staff.

We are capable of applying the following processes:

Manganese Phosphating:

  • Decreasing resistance to fiction
  • Gripping improvement of lubricating films

Zinc Phosphating:

  • Corrosion resistance improvement
  • Excellent grip basis for finishing coats


  • Chemical cleaning of pieces
  • Temporary protection against corrosion

Copper Plating:

  • Can be applied to all types of alloy steel used in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Good protection against galling

Other Services:

We are able to offer our machines for a wide variety of uses outside the Oil & Gas industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to service you.